COVID-19 Statement

February 1, 2021

At J&B, we continue to keep on top of the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic. The additional safety protocols we continue to put in place have helped us maintain a safe environment for our associates and has given us the ability to provide our customers and consumers with essential food products.

Here are some of our efforts that have been implemented to increase routines and safety measures, on top of our normal operations:

  • Additional daily cleaning in common areas, multiple weekend deep cleans and extra cleaning for high activity areas
  • Weekly implementation of electrostatic cleaning
  • Updated air filters to a Merv-13 medical grade in all of our HVAC units
  • All roof top HVAC units have had UV lights spec’d and installed
  • Remote work for associates that can work offsite
  • Elimination of non-essential meetings, addition of Skype meetings and small group meetings with social distancing only if necessary
  • Increased production safety measures – cloth masks, required PPE, barriers on the line for workers that are in close proximity, staggered break times, additional breakrooms added with 6 feet distanced seating and Plexiglas barriers
  • Robust trace back procedures put in place
  • Continue to message/encourage associates to not come to work if sick
  • Outside carrier restrictions/Pick up limits
  • Thermal Temperature Scanners located at major entrances

We will continue to adapt and modify safety measures as needed as the pandemic continues. The safety of our associates is our top priority.



April 23, 2020


Our leadership continues to monitor, plan and adapt day-to-day in order for our associates stay safe, continue to operate and provide the services you need during these times.


We have been fortunate to not have had a positive test as of yet, but if/when it does happen, our intent is to continue to operate as usual, as we have taken significant steps in our Safety and Planning.


To continue our full-scale facility operations, we have implemented the following routines and safety measures, on top of our normal operations:

  • Increased daily cleaning and multiple weekend deep cleans
  • Break time rotations and additional rooms with 6+ feet between associates
  • Remote work and virtual meetings
  • Visitor limitation to facility
  • Production protective gear
  • Trace back protocols
  • Continued messaging to stay home if sick
  • Temperature checks
  • Outside carrier restrictions and pick up limits
  • J&B Drivers wear masks for all customer deliveries

Our number one priority is and will continue to be, to protect the health and safety of our associates, while also ensuring our ability to provide food to our customers and consumers.




April 1, 2020

J&B Group continues to monitor all Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic developments on a daily/hourly basis and we want to assure our associates, customers and consumers we are doing our part to not only stay safe, but also help feed America.

As Governor Walz implemented the ‘stay-at-home’ directive on March 27th, 2020, J&B continues to operate as normal as we are an essential industry and part of the food supply chain. We continue to provide our critical services of manufacturing, warehousing, storage and distribution through this crisis.

We are here to help our customers and consumers through this time of uncertainty, while keeping the safety and well-being of our associates and others top of mind. We will continue to keep updates and new information in front of our associates and customers during this fluid situation.